These terms and conditions apply to all accommodation solutions offered by House & Marine Finland Oy and Itämajoitus Oy (the “Host”) to their Clients. Clients agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions set out in this document when booking accommodation and throughout the stay. Accommodation is considered booked when the client signs the accommodation contract OR responds positively to the accommodation offer received, regardless of the delivery method. Accommodation can be confirmed in writing, orally, electronically or by telephone to the Host.

The Host agrees to accommodate the guest upon agreement and to maintain the furnishings and equipment throughout the stay. If, due to a problem with the accommodation, living in the apartment becomes impossible, the host will try to find a new similar solution for the customer in the immediate area.


Accommodation accessories and furnishings

The level of accessories varies between the accomodation solutions depending on the size of the apartment and the layout, but the following is included in all apartments:


- Carpets

- Curtains

- Lamps

- Tableware

- Cutlery

- Cooking utensils

- Beds

- Bedside tables

- Bed linen

- Sofa group

- Stools

- Coffee machine

- Kettle

- Coffee table

- Dining table

- Tv-set

- Microwave

In addition to the above, the accommodation includes heating, water and electricity consumption within the limits of normal use. For example, if the residents bring their own additional heater to the apartment, the electricity consumption of the property will increase significantly and the portion that exceeds the normal electricity consumption will be charged from the customer. Normal use is determined by operating cost history of the accommodation.


During the stay

The host offers accommodation in various housing associations and houses throughout Finland. For this reason, it is important that all occupants of the apartment read the housing companies' bulletin boards, which usually include the rules of living and other important information. If terms or policies are not displayed, the occupants must inform the Host.

During the stay the occupants must follow the rules of the housing association and also follow the additional instructions given by the Host. Residents shall act on the property with due regard to the furnishings, facilities and common areas of the housing association and shall immediately notify the Host of any damage, water leaks, wear, breakage or equipment failure. Notification should be made regardless of whether the breakage or defect was self-inflicted or not. Residents must also notify the Host immediately of any information which, if not reported, may result in additional damage to the Apartment and thus additional costs to the Host.

The Host will charge the Customer for any damage to accommodation that is not due to normal wear and tear of living. Client may not transfer the property to a third party without the express permission of the Host.


Domestic Animals

Pets are not allowed in the accommodation without the express permission of the Host.


Smoking and drugs

Smoking and drug use is strictly forbidden inside the dwelling and the condominium, as well as on balconies in the condominiums where it is prohibited.


Keys to the property

The Host and the Client agree on the delivery of the accommodation, where the customer receives keys and passes to the property. The Customer is responsible for all keys and access tokens handed over to the Customer. The Customer understands that the loss of keys or access tags will not only result in the replacement of keys and identifiers, but also the re-assembly of the item's locks, which will be billed to the Customer.


cleaning service and change of linen

The host also provides a cleaning and change of linen service on request. Maid service is provided every 2 or 4 calendar weeks. Residents should ensure that there are no items on the floor of the property, so that floor cleaning is easy. If residents belongings are on the floor or otherwise obstruc the cleaning of the premises, the cleaning service providers are allowed to move the occupants' personal belongings for successful cleaning. The time of cleaning is not separately announced to the tenants and the cleaners use their own key to access the apartment. Residents do not need to be present during the maid service, nor do they have to leave the property during the service. The customer may make a request for the date of the service, but the Host does not guarantee to abide by the the said request.


Maintenance and inspection measures

The host reserves the right to carry out maintenance and inspection of the accommodation at any time it chooses. Residents of these events may not be notified and the host will use his or her own keys to enter the property. Residents do not need to be present during these operations, nor do they have to leave the site during them.


End of stay

The accommodation ends when the customer has emptied the apartment of his / her own belongings and supplies and returned all keys to the accommodation or its representative and the property has completed a final inspection of the apartment. Residents are required to bring with them all personal belongings and accessories that were not part of the original or later equipment of the dwelling. The host will act on the items that he / she has forgotten for the items and we will store the more valuable items for a reasonable period of time so that the customer can contact our customer service to get the item back.


Termination of accommodation

The customer may terminate the property's indefinite contracts at any time, but at least 4 full weeks prior to the desired date of termination of the accommodation. The Host will charge the Client at the time of notice for 4 full weeks, regardless of whether the obligations to terminate the accommodation have been met at an earlier date.

The host may choose to terminate the accommodation contract at any time and the client's accommodation will end after 2 full calendar weeks.


Termination of the Accommodation Agreement

If the parties to the accommodation agreement grossly violate these conditions of accommodation, either intentionally or unintentionally, then the parties to the agreement have the right to immediately terminate the accommodation agreement. Upon cancellation, the property will immediately take control of the property and residents will be able to pick up any leftovers at the property.



The host will charge the customer on a weekly basis and send invoices to the address provided by the customer.


Applicable law and dispute resolution

Disputes are governed by Finnish law. The parties state that the contract between the Client and the Host is a sale of accommodation services, which is not subject to the law on the rental of apartments. Disputes concerning the terms of this Agreement or its implementation shall be settled by the District Court of South Karelia in the event of disagreement between the Customer and the Host.

If Finnish law is in conflict with these terms and conditions, then the Finnish law shall apply to the specific terms in question . A single conflict does not invalidate the other terms of the accommodation.


Force majeure - Force majeure

Force majeure is a barrier to fulfillment of contract terms that is independent of the parties to the contract. Such a barrier is a very exceptional event or matter that prevents either or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement. If this event is deemed to be a "Force majeure", the parties to the contract shall not be bound by their obligations to the extent that it is prevented by "Force majeure".


These terms and conditions are a translation from the original Finnish terms located here: https://www.housemarine.fi/majoitusehdot. Any conflict between the translation and the original Finnish text shall be resolved by following the terms stated in the Finnish version.